Even 5 rubles matter when we are thousands

UNICEF in Belarus - as in other 190 countries of the world - relies on the support from international donors, businesses and ordinary people. By making a donation, you become a part of the UNICEF team helping the children and adolescents of Belarus.

Why is it important to make a donation to support UNICEF?

We are looking for the root causes of problems at all levels and make a difference together with our partners. It is all done so that every child has care, attention, love, security and an opportunity to realize their potential.

Every day we work so that

  • each parent has access to information about proper newborn care and to rehabilitation services, if necessary. For example, the System of Early Intervention Centres around the country helps families find personalized diagnosis and treatment. Parents of 20,398 children under three have already received help in diagnosing developmental delays and early stage rehabilitation.
  • each child is loved and cared for. For example, the Family for Every Child Programme helps children re-establish contact with their biological parents or find a new family. In 2021, 41 children found their families as part of the Family for Every Child pilot programme in Homieĺ Oblast.
  • each child can attend school and be on an equal footing with their peers. We develop inclusive education systems for children with disabilities and special educational needs. The JUST CHILDREN awareness-raising campaign gives a detailed account of the advances and achievements along this line. So far, over 250 children with disabilities in Belarus study together with their peers, using on a daily basis various assistive devices at school.
  • adults and peers are always ready to hear and support children. We improve health care services for adolescents and youth, especially regarding mental health issues. More than 50 Adolescent friendly centres operate to provide free psychological counselling.
  • children are safe. Along with our partners, we implement projects on improving the digital literacy of children and adolescents, parents and teachers, we teach Internet safety rules and effective use of technology for learning. Over 10,000 adolescents participated in the pilot programme to counter bullying, and the materials of the #InternetWithoutBullying campaign have over 7.5 million views.
  • to implement restorative justice for children and adolescents in conflict with law. We improve the level of legal literacy and provision of legal aid to children in accordance with international standards.


To help UNICEF on a regular basis, set up a monthly donation.

  • This helps us plan our work and guarantee the consistency of the programmes involving thousands of children, adolescents and families.
  • • In this way, we can quickly mobilize resources and provide assistance when such challenges as the COVID-19 pandemic and the migrant crisis arise.

Is there anything else you can do to help?


Become a partner

We are ready to cooperate with businesses and sports organizations for the benefit of the most vulnerable groups of children and adolescents.

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Become a volunteer

Volunteers help UNICEF perform work for the benefit of children and adolescents in Belarus.

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